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Year of Birth 2000-2002

The U19 program is for high school aged athletes who want to continue their ski racing in a weekend program. These athletes participate in the US Ski & Snowboard Vermont Cup Series. The stronger athletes may qualify for the Eastern FIS race series. The additional training on varied terrain will give an advantage to this aged athlete as they continue to develop their technical and tactical skills. The U19 group will develop their skiing through technical free skiing, drill courses, increased gate training, and video analysis.

Typical equipment needs include: FIS approved GS Helmet (no ‘soft ears’), a GS suit, slalom protection gear, a back protector, and properly sized SL, GS and SG skis. Athletes must be members of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA) as well as US Ski & Snowboard. Athletes hoping to compete at a FIS level will need to purchase a FIS license prior to the season.

Requirements: VARA Membership, US Ski & Snowboard Competition Membership, FIS approved Helmet (no ‘soft ears’)

Times: 8:30am to 3pm (Lunch 11:30am to 12:30pm)

Weekend Plans Feb 23 & 24

This weekend we will focus on our Slalom skiing and maybe even mix in some free skiing depending on crowds and snow conditions.  Somtimes it is good to simply free ski wtih a focus to improve our skiing.  You don't need to always ski in a course to improve.  In fact, you will make more of a step change in your skiing by doing the opposite.  As they say.....the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.  

This weekends plans are as follows:

Friday:  GS training.  Please use the RSVP Form if you are attending
Saturday: Slalom training
Sunday: Slalom training

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday

U19 Coaches

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SWSC Presidents Week Training Schedule-All Groups!

Don't forget to register for the SWSC Excel Mini Camp next week! Don't miss it. Great training over the next few days!!  The registration link is below!!
Presidents Week Training Days:
Tue- 2/19     OFF- No SWSC Training
Wed- 2/20    SWSC Excel Mini Camp*
Thu- 2/21     SWSC Excel Mini Camp*
*The Excel Camp Mini Camp is additional to normal training days. 
*Please fill out this REGISTRATION FORM to participate!

Fri- 2/22       SWSC Training Day
Sat- 2/23      SWSC Training Day
Sun- 2/24     SWSC Training Day
The SWSC Excel Mini Camp can not accept U8's. U10's and older are permitted.

Check your age class blogs for training plans!
Come train with SWSC if you're here!! 
See you soon!!


David A. Edry

SWSC Program Director

Stratton Mountain Resort

5 Village Lodge Road

Stratton Mountain, VT 05155

802.297.4075 (office)

978.505.8443 (cell)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Presidents' Weekend Plans

As we head into the middle of Februrary with over half the season behind us, please take the time think back to early December and remember how far you have progressed.  Everyone has made positive strides.  Sometimes we lose sight of how much we accomplish because we only focus on what is right in front of us.  Great job everyone!!

After discussions with many of you over the last couple of weeks and reviewing the race calender we will focus on three more VARA races:  

Monday February 18, Pico Slalom
Saturday March 2, Bromley Slalom
Sunday March 17, Stratton Parallel Slalom

This weekends plans are as follows:

Friday: GS training.  Please respond using the RSVP Form
Saturday: GS training
Sunday: SL training
Monday: Pico Karl Acker Memorial Slalom (please sign up on www.adminskiracing.com)

See you all Saturday

U19 Coaches


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U19 Weekend Plans February 8-10

As usual another busy week behind us.  The race at Jiminy was surely challenging.  Remember that everyone skis the same course so as you inspect keep in mind how important tactics are to ensure you are prepared for the race run.  You can only control youself and being in control of what you plan on doing is very important to success.  I appreciate the aggressiveness that everyone brought to the day.  

This weekend we will get in a solid block of training.  Many are also well into their high school racing season and now is the time to solidify the basics as we enter the final half of the season.  YES, the season is half over.  Amazing how fast it goes.  

Friday: GS training.  Please use the RSVP Form if you will be training.

Saturday: GS training

Sunday: Slalom Training

See everyone Saturday

The U19 Coaches

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Updated Friday Training Plan

For those who planned on training this Friday, the morning session will be GS followed by an afternoon session of SG.

Stay warm!

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