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Last Weekend!!! UPDATED please re-read!!

How fun was the banquet!?!?

If you missed it, I have your award. Thank you to everyone who came! Adria was so excited to see you all!! Myself (Nicole), Adria, Ryan and Zander are so grateful to all of you. This year was fantastic! And all of the beautiful handwritten notes are really heartfelt. We thank you for your generous gifts. And the pictures everyone made of their favorite part in U8s, are perfect!!

The last World Cup race was lots of fun and the U8s did a fantastic job.  The videos are on Sprongo at this link: https://sprongo.com/team/68183/playlists

*UPDATED* This SUNDAY (date changed) is our last race - Club champs @ 9:45am . Costumes are encouraged :) Race will be held on Frank's. Unfortunately the Sunday race (Heinze Paul) has been cancelled. Normal times all weekend!!!

*UPDATED* We will also take our trip to the candy store SUNDAY around 2 pm. Please put $5 in your child's pocket (if their pass works that is fine too). 

Sunday we will be skiing everywhere!!

This is our last blog post. Please keep an eye on your emails for next year registration. Dry land sessions (usually 3). Summer and fall equipment days. And camps as well! There is an awesome camp over Thanksgiving for the entire family in Colorado. It is a great trip for everyone. These emails will continue to come from Dave  Edry.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Stratton does turns off our emails in April. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please if anyone has questions about equipment, age groups, racing, housing, or just about the program for next year please feel free to email me this summer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*UPDATED* Don't forget to order your clothing for next year SWSC has a new line this COMING year. If you did not come to the banquet you did not get to see the AWESOME new coats. They look pretty stellar!! SWSC 2019/20 Clothing order is DUE MONDAY-March 25!

The 2019 SWSC Alpine Clothing Order forms are below. I emailed out the graphics last week. If you need the graphics again, please email me! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
The team clothing must be ordered by March 25th
If you want the newest Helly Hanson Athlete team gear for next season, they must be ordered by Monday. 
Forms must be emailed to Tricia Kramer. Contact Tricia Kramer with ordering questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  802.297.4090


Don't forget end-of-the-year tuning is extremely important please drop your skis off to get tuned and prepped for the summer. Putting your skis away with wax on is important. Make a note in your calendars to check equipment in the fall. It is important to make sure you have the right equipment at the start of every season.

Enjoy Spring and Summer. I will see you in the fall and on the hill come December :) 

-Coach, Nicole


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March 16th & 17th

What an amazing weekend!!

If only every weekend could be like that! Saturday was absolutely outstanding! Bluebird day to fresh powder day all day Sunday what more could we ask for!

Thank you to everyone who came and put on a fantastic tubing party! The kids could not stop talking about it all day Sunday :)

This coming weekend is our last world cup! Saturday is a normal start time. Lunch is 12 to 1 (times may change depending on how the race runs). Awards around 1:15 pm. This race will take place on North American (Frank's Fall Line). there will be no skiing after this race all coaches are needed for set up for the banquet.

**Banquet - Saturday** RSVP required. Contact Edry if you haven't rsvp'd yet. In Black Bear lodge. Green Mtn room.  4-5 cocktails, 5-6 dinner, 6-7 awards. Parent volunteers are needed for set up!! Go to volunteer link on SWSC site. 

A lot of people have been asking about Adria. You will get to see her here at the banquet! :)

I have also been getting a lot of emails asking if kids are welcomed... This is an award banquet for them!! Please bring them!! U8s - Masters!! 

U8s your homework this week is to draw me a picture of your favorite thing you did this season in U8s. Please bring it to the banquet :) 

This year has been amazing! I cannot thank all of the parents enough for bringing your kids every weekend and dedicating your time to our program!! To all of the parents who helped out this season at races you are amazing!! Keep volunteering!! Also thank you for all of the beautiful cards, handwritten notes, pictures and generous gifts!! Very thoughtful!! We all thank you!! Myself (Nicole), Adria, Ryan and Zander :)

Can you believe we only have two weekends left!?!? I cannot believe it!!!! CRAZY!!!!!


-Coach, Nicole


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March 9th & 10th

We had another great weekend skiing!!

 **I have been getting a lot of emails asking about who has skied with my child and how do I thank them. For the U8s you have Nicole, Adria (who is working hard to make it to the banquet) and Jr coaches Ryan and Zander. For those of you, who have already finished we thank you for your amazing generosity!! 

What a wonderful season we are having in the U8s! 
Tubing Party for the U8s 3/9 @ 4:30pm. Our plan is to meet at the Tube Park for some yummy treats and then the kids can tube from 5:00pm-6:00pm. We hope that everyone can join us for a little post-skiing fun and a chance for the whole family to socialize. 

PLEASE PURCHASE TICKETS: Please be sure to purchase your TUBING tickets as soon as possible for the 5pm-6pm slot. You can buy them at any of the Customer Service Windows, or over the phone at 1-800-STRATTION (787-2886). To ensure spots for your children, please buy tickets this week.
Date: March 9th
4:30pm Treats & Meet up
5:00pm-6:00pm Tubing
Location: Stratton Coca-Cola Tube Park
Treats/Snacks/Drinks: We are thinking we should have some small treats like brownies, rice krispy treats, crackers or cookies with juice & milk boxes. If any parents would like to be volunteers to help bring treats below is a sign up sheet:
What to wear: Kids should be dressed in ski clothing and snow boots. Helmets and goggles recommended. Ski boots/hard shell boots not allowed.
More information:
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the mountain and at the Tubing Party!

Reminder Upcoming Information : 

Saturday March 16th last world cup race! Trail Frank's Fall Line. Same routine!

Saturday March 16th SWSC Banquet Dinner. Team awards will be handed out at this dinner. Please register with Dave Edry. His email was already sent out.

Last weekend - Saturday March 23rd WeW will be going to the Candy Store. Please send in $5.

Sunday March 24th last day of program. Heinz Paul race. You will need to register for this race. Everyone can race. Parents and kids. The money for this race buys new equipment for next year. :) More info to come.

-Coach, Nicole

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March 2nd & 3rd

* 4 Weekends Left *

We had an amazing presidents week! We are supposed to get snow, so do your snow dance and tune your equipment!

We are going to have a tubing party! Please get your tickets for next Saturday March 9th at 5 p.m. There are limited tickets, so it is first come first serve. Right now there are enough tickets for everyone in the U8s, as well as siblings. Please call 1(800)stratton and buy your ticket for Saturday March 9th at 5 p.m.


Upcoming Information : 

Saturday March 16th last world cup race! Trail TBD

Saturday March 16th SWSC Banquet Dinner. Team awards will be handed out at this dinner. (Please register with Dave Edry.

Last weekend Saturday March 23rd - Candy Store. Please send in $5.

Sunday March 24th last day of program. Heinz Paul race. You will need to register for this race. Everyone can race. Parents and kids. The money for this race buys new equipment for next year. :)


Question of the week:

What is my (Nicole) favorite trail!?!? 


-Coach, Nicole


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Feb 22-24th (F, S, S)

Training Friday - Sunday February 22nd, 23rd, and 24th

What a great weekend! Congratulations to everyone who participated in the second world cup!! Everyone did an absolutely fantastic job!  We did take video of the racers and you can find them on Sprongo.  I apologize in advance for the second run video as Harriet did not realize there was a “draw” button on the video camera, which she hit by accident, so there are scribbles on the video.  Please find the videos at this link: https://sprongo.com/playlists/157962/68183/t

For those of you that were here this past weekend, you saw that Zander is back and has been cleared to ski for the rest of the season! Unfortunately, this weekend Adria took a fall and will be out for the rest of the season. Please send good vibes her way so she can heal quickly!

Next weekend, (March 3) we will have a race called the Heinz Paul. It is a fundraiser to raise money to buy equipment for our program. The U8s will be participating. I believe the race will take place on suntanner on March 3rd. Parents are welcome to register and race as well. As soon as I know more details I will post where and how you can register your racer. 

The following weekend, Saturday March 9th we will have our tubing party in sun bowl after skiing. I am going to talk with families this weekend to make sure that this is a good weekend so our attendance is high. As soon as I speak with a majority of the families I will let you know when it is okay to buy your tubing ticket. 

-Coach Nicole

Ps- this week's secret code for reading the blog is the word under gate. 

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Feb 16, 17 &18 (S,S&M)

Happy Presidents Day!!!

This weekend we will have program Saturday through Monday!! February 16-18 :) Whoohooo!!!!

Our second race will be on Sunday, for all U8s and all U10s. You do not need to register!! We are still waiting for confirmation from the mountain where the race will be held. As of now, I am going to say it is in the same location on Suntanner. If this changes I will let you know :)

Thank you to all the parents who read the blog with their kids!! It is very clear which kids read it and which kids did not. 

The question this week is: What place did Vonn finish in her last race!?!? 

Thank you for all the emails about this upcoming weeks attendance :) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-Coach, Nicole

PS: next weekend we have training Friday, Saturday and Sunday. February 22-24 :)

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U8 February 9th & 10th

Our next race will be next Sunday February 17th :) Please tune!!

We will be training GS and free skiing this weekend. Please pray for good weather! Our mountain needs it!!

If you are going away for Presidents week, please let us know! You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will be having our tubing party in March! :)

please let your razor carry their own equipment, it is important for them to take care of their own stuff. 

Can you believe we only have 7 weeks !?!? This is a question I am going to ask the racers Saturday morning to see who read the blog :) Please read the blog with them it is important to know what is going on every weekend. 

Thank you to all the parents who have updated equipment and made changes to their child's race gear, when we have asked! We know it is difficult and expensive. But it makes a huge difference! A racer who has the right skis or goggles is like having gas in a car.... Without the right stuff, it is hard to go anywhere. 

-Coach, Nicole

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U8 Plan-Feb 2nd & 3rd

We had a great weekend, free skiing, training Gates and skiing in the woods!!

This coming weekend we are hoping to do the same!! 




I will not be there Sunday. Adria will be there! 

Please remind your little racers if they need to go to the bathroom to please ask us. Please make them go before they come out in the morning and before they come back out after lunch. It holds everyone up when someone has to go at 8:45 and at 12:45. We know it's hard. But if you don't pee you don't ski!! :)

If you don't want your racers buying a snack please pack them something in their pocket. :) 

We will be having a tubing party soon!! Date TBD**


-Coach, Nicole

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U8 Plan-January 26th & 27th

Great job on the long weekend!! Everyone did a fantastic job!! Congratulations to all the teams, I am very proud of all of you. There was some amazing skiing going on!! To watch your child's run again please log on to Sprongo to see the U8 Wengen race. It is a Video. :)  Please show your little racer as wellw it is fun to watch!! 

Click here to watch, if you're new please make an account:



It was a hard weekend on our equipment, please Tune!!!


**Reminder please read the blog!! ** All kids need to know what's going on. There were some kids who did not read the blog. They didn't know their team, and others didn't show up to ski the race because they didn't know it was for everyone. Race times are flexible. If we write a race time such as this weekend 2pm, you should be at the finish waiting for the confirmation. This race we moved up to 1pm because we finished earlier then expected. When you are older, races are always changing. Checking blogs, checking mountain websites are important.**** Stay informed!! :) 

Today Monday 21st the mountain posted -26 without the wind chill. Top of the mountain not opening in the morning. Please be aware of weather and your surroundings. This type of weather is dangerous. Not skiing todayt was a call by mountain safety. 

Next weekend we will be training our normal schedule 8:30-11:30 & 12:30-3 PLEASE BE ON TIME!! Showing up late holds up the entire group, parents showing up late for lunch takes away lunch time from your coaches. Please be respectful of those around you and be on time and prepared for the day. If it is cold please have neck warmers, hand warmers and toe warmers. They should be in and ready to go. If we do one run and your child is frozen and in full tears we will be calling you and sending them home. This is why is important to be ready, those who are dressed correctly can make it through the entire day. 

Parent help, please volenteer at all races. All parents should be supportive at their child's race (being there, cheering, helping, organizing,etc...) as well as other races. It is important to support SWSC. 

-Coach, Nicole

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U8-January 18-21 Jr World Cup Race #1!

We are opening training this Friday morning January 18th for U8s. They will be skiing with Coach Adria. Meeting time is at 9 a.m. in our normal spot. Lunch will take place at 11:30 and there is no afternoon training for U8s. Please thank coach Adria for coming in on her day off :)

RSVP Required for Friday AM:

Saturday January 19th is our first world cup race!! We meet at our normal time at 8:30 in the morning. The race will take place on suntanner. First-run should take place between 9:45/10 a.m. the second run will follow right after (probably 11 / 11:15 a.m.) The race will finish with a U8 & U10 photo (12:15ish). 

All of the kids will go to lunch. *Notice* lunch is at a different time because of race day. 

Awards will take place at 2 p.m. in front of the ski school building where we meet every morning.

Sunday and Monday January 20th and 21st Normal Training!! 8:30 to 3 pm. With lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. 

It is going to be a very busy weekend please be prepared!! 

Below are the teams for this season. The team you are on you will stay on for all three races this season. 

Team Austria - Coach Harriet - Paige, JaeHee & Luc

Team Canada -  Coach Bob - Georgia, Amelia & Ari

Team Croatia - Coach Jackie - Vivian, Jake & Halston

Team France - Coach Kirsten & Hillary - Maya, Sabrina & Hunter

Team Germany - Coach Adria - Emma, Sydney & Liam

Team Italy - Coach Alex - Lily, Finn Hildebrand & Jasper

Team Norway - Coach Mike - Sophia, Jordan & Edward

Team Switzerland - Coach Ryan & Zander - Camille, Abby & Finn B

Team USA - Coach Nicole - Sadie, Jackie & Sean


If we are missing anyone please email me so we can add them in :) Tune your Skis! If we get too much snow there is a possibility of postponing the race. Please don't tell the racers that, they are very excited!! :)

-Coach, Nicole


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Jan 5 & 6th

What A GREAT week we had!!! There were a few tough days but over all we had allot of skiing!! :) 

If you haven't filled out and emergency contact form please ask us. 


Skis should be between your racers eyes or right below. 

Poles hand at 90 degrees or a little above.

Boots need a soft flex if your flex isn't soft your racers will have trouble getting forward and trouble making the right angles to learn how to ski.

If you have any questions, please talk with Adria and myself (Nicole). We have done our best to talk to most of you, we are still working our way through everyone. :) 

Over the next couple weekends, we will be training for our first race coming up on January 19 :) 

We are also planning a U8 Tubing party - TBD


-Coach, Nicole

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U8 Plan-Christmas Vacation-Dec 22nd-31st

Christmas Vacation U8s starts this weekend :) 

Saturday 22 ON

Sunday 23 ON

Monday Christmas Eve 24 OFF 

Tuesday Christmas 25 OFF 


Wednesday 26 ON

Thursday 27 ON

Friday 28 ON

Saturday 29 ON

Sunday 30 ON


Monday 31 ON with Adria

******* Please TUNE their skis!!!!!!!!!*******

Also reminders below:

Dec 28- skating party. 5:30-7:30pm

Dec 29- SWSC performance education series. 'Nutrition and Performance'. By Dave Redden. In the Wentworth Room. 4-5pm

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U8 Plan-Dec. 15-16, 2018

We had another great weekend!! We One skied.  For those who are first years, one skiing helps us learn balance. 

It was COLDER this weekend. Please wear layers and have hand warmers in your racers pockets. We do allow a healthy snack in the morning if you don't want them charging their pass please put something in their pocket as well. 

Skating Party- 12/28     5:30-7:30 everyone Welcome!!

Don't forget to Tune your Skis!!!!!!! 

If you didn't fill out my emergency contact form please all me for it!! I will catch you next weekend if I missed you. 

-Coach, Nicole

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Welcome 2018/2019 Season U8's!!!

Welcome to the U8s!!

Our coaches are Nicole, Adria, Zander and Ryan. We will be teaching your child to race! :) Over the next couple of weekends we will be checking everyone's equipment and will let you know if anything needs to be replaced. If you are NEW please come to our Q&A session this Saturday (2pm)!! I will be there! Your racers will be out skiing and it is right before pick up allowing you to ask any questions you may have.

SWSC Parent-Coach Q&A:

DATE: Dec. 8th (Sat)

TIME: 2:00-3:00PM  ~The kids are skiing still, come and join the Q&A

LOCATION: The Stratton Ski & Board Club room  (The room above guest services. Access via the metal stairs to the right of the outdoor ticket windows)     

I will also have emergency contact forms Saturday morning for everyone to fill out. :)

If you have any questions please feel free to always contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

-Coach, Nicole

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