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U12 Plan 3/23-3/24 2019

Hi Team 12:

We are heading into the last weekend of the program.  It is amazing how quickly the winter passed.  Last weekend we had a group at the Piches and a group racing at the Meisterschaft.  The Piche group performed with courage against top competition, and the Meisterschaft crew did a nice job at Willard and posted some great results.  I am appreciative of all of you who skied in the races right up until the end.  It is the best way to gain experience and get better.  Along those lines, the mountain will be open a few more weeks, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to get more mileage.  If you do ski, do so with a focus; think about all of the technical elements you have been working on this season and continue to work on them. Free-skiing is the time to practice and experiment, so take advantage of every opportunity.  Most importantly, though, have fun with it and understand that it is fun to get better!

Here is the plan for the weekend:


Friday 3/22: No training due to a USSA/VARA project taking place at Stratton.

Saturday 3/23: GS skis for the Club Championship GS on Frank's.  Start is at 9:45, so let's get on the lift at 8:30 to inspect and warm up.  Saturday PM there will be free-skiing with the coaches or with your families.  (The head coaches will be in a meeting on Saturday afternoon.)

Sunday 3/24: slalom skis for dual panel slalom

Since this is the last blog of the season, I want to thank everyone for their participation and effort. We, the coaches, have enjoyed working with you all and are pleased by the effort you have put forth and the improvements you have made.  Ski racing is a great sport.  The challenges are endless but the satisfaction of putting forth one's best effort and realizing improvement is what keeps us all reaching higher.  We hope you all have enjoyed your winter, and we encourage everyone to continue the quest to be the best skier and racer that you can be.  It is a long road full of steep hills to climb, but it is great fun and each level of expertise achieved is extremely gratifying.  Keep the eyes up on snow and otherwise, and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend and next year as well.

U12 Coaches

UPDATED: SWSC Freestyle/Freeskiing End of Season P...
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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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