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Ages 9-16 | B-Competition Team
Times: 8:30am to 3pm (Lunch Break 11:30am to 12:30pm)

This program builds on the skills learned in the Allegro program and begins to specialize training orientated toward mogul competition. Participating athletes will be expected to come prepared to daily sessions ready to train, as they develop air awareness on more difficult jumps and ski moguls with more power and speed. Athletes will ski with USSA certified coaches, many whom have individually participated at high levels of mogul competition. Coaching staff will have a presence at scheduled Central Region competitions and Divisional Championships in the Eastern Qualifier Series (EQS) sanctioned events put on by Eastern Division of the United States Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA). On –hill performance and associated goals will be evaluated throughout the winter season. USSA Competitor License is required for participation in any USSA event. Event registration fees are not included. Additional travel fees may be required.

Click here for: Eastern Freestyle Registration (EQS B-Central)

Champs Season!

Invites for Central States Champs have officially opened! You can find them at the eastern freestyle link below:


Athletes have 48 hours to accept their invitation before it will expire! So please register ASAP. States will be on Sunday March 3rd at Hunter Mountain. More information will come. Saturday will be an open event at Hunter in which all registered USSA athletes are invited to register for. 

See everyone this weekend!

Sam Johnston

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SWSC Freestyle B: Heading into Championship Season!

SWSC Freestyle B: Heading into Championship Season!
Hello Everyone!!


Can’t believe it is already February Break!! As a coach who is also a teacher during the week, all I can say is WHOOHOO! This next week is sure to be filled with some great conditions and some even better training. First off, for those who have the week off and are looking for something to do… look no further. We have our Presidents week minicamp available:  Tuesday, February 19th - Thursday, February 21st. The cost for SWSC athletes is $175 for the camp. To sign up please see our website calendar here: http://www.strattonwintersportsclub.com/freestyle-events-calendar/377
Program will run as scheduled Monday (Feb 18) AND Friday (Feb 22) of Presidents week.

It is Championship season here in Eastern Freestyle!!! States will be held at Hunter Mountain on Sunday, March 3rd! Invitations to states will be sent out on February 18th at 6pm! Please make sure you accept your invitation within 48 hours for the first wave, alternates will have 24 hour to accept their spot. There will be an open competition on Saturday March 2nd at Hunter Mountain. You do not have to be invited to States to compete in Saturday's event, AND it counts towards Juniors and Young Gun Championships at Sunday River.
Girls Invite List (Top 40 should qualify)
Boys Invite List (Top 60 should qualify)

Eastern Junior & Young Gun Championships will be held in Sunday River on March 16th and Young guns will be on March 17th. Training day should be available on Friday, March 15th, depends on the event organizers plan. Invitations for those events will be sent out March 4th at 6pm! Qualification list will be out after States.

This weekend we will have some great mogul skiing over on Beeline and World Cup. This will be a chance for athletes to revisit all the drills we have been doing throughout the season and to really see some progression in our mogul skiing! We are looking forward to it!

Lastly, I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to all of our B team athletes who competed last weekend in the Rod Baird Mogul Challenge here at Stratton!. Finn, Charlie, Tyler, Henry, Nora, Ava, Lexi and Carmen represented our B Team well. All 8 of the athletes really held their own against the A’s and produced some great results. We even had Charlie and Henry make it into the 2nd round of Duals, way to go!!!!

I hope everyone travels up safely this weekend!!

Sam Johnston
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SWSC Freestyle B: Sugarbush Moguls is Cancelled.

Sugarbush Moguls is Cancelled. See the whole B Team at Stratton this weekend.


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SWSC Freestyle B: Sugar Slide Cancelled and Rod Baird Mogul Challenge

Hello B Team Families!
We have another action packed weekend ahead, some are heading to Sugarbush, and a few will give the ECS A competition a try, home at Stratton. (More on how thats possible below)
Before we look ahead, I wanted to discuss last weekend's 2019 Stratton FIS Freestyle NorAm Cup. What an incredible opportunity for our young athletes to watch some of the world's best athletes! Our athletes do drills and work on perfecting their mogul skiing skills constantly. It's important for them to see and understand what is possible, and what better way to show them than by having some of the best skiers in the world right here on our home hill. Our athletes got a very up close look on what they will need to do as they progress through the sport. Many parents were delighted for this opportunity, and many volunteered for the event, thank you for your help in defining Stratton as World Class!
This weekend our B Team will be at Stratton, The Sugar Slide at Sugarbush has been cancelled.
There is a rule at the A level that we made mention of at the Parent Presentation at the beginning of the season, and we are going to use it this weekend. ECS Rule 4.1.7 & ECS Rule 4.1.5 can be found in the Eastern Rules Addendum and allow for our B athletes to take part in our home A event. PLEASE NOTE, IF DOING SO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REGISTER ONLINE, YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO REGISTER DAY OF THE EVENT STARTING AT 7:46AM.
The following athletes are invited to compete at the Stratton A event under ECS Rule 4.1.7: Carmen Dipietro, Nora Scheid, Ava Chiappinelli, Lexi Kruger, Charlie Henne, Finn O'Hanlon, Zane Rosenberg, Tyler Grodsky. Congratulations, you are guaranteed a spot at the Rod Baird Mogul Challenge. Your selection is strictly based off the Eastern Points List after the Killington Event.
Athletes that wish to compete under ECS Rule 4.1.5. I recommend you brush up on the rules and see you at Registration at 7:46am Saturday Morning.
Please note, the A event will be on World Cup, the course that the NorAm athletes skied last weekend, only it will be slightly more challenging with the freeze thaw cycles that happened this week. This course is not for the faint at heart.
Now, Sugarbush... The event is cancelled.
Looking ahead we are offering our President's Week Mini Camp Tuesday, February 19th - Thursday, February 21st. The cost for SWSC athletes is $175 for the camp. To sign up please see our website calendar here: http://www.strattonwintersportsclub.com/freestyle-events-calendar/377. Program will run as scheduled Monday AND Friday of Presidents week.
If you have not volunteered for an event this winter, we would like to ask to you pick up a shift at the Rod Baird Mogul Challenge. Click the links here for Saturday or Sunday. This is your last chance to fulfill your parent volunteer requirement.
If you like going to the gym, we have a fantastic sunrise work out that gets you up the lift first and is a blend of cardio, upper body and balance. This fitness class is completely free and you will feel invigorated once you complete it. Please join the coaching staff outside the Mountain Sports School at 7:15am ready to ski and come get one of the best workouts available Saturday & Sunday morning!
Sam will see those of you at Sugarbush and I hope the rest of the B team has a great weekend at Stratton!
All the Best,
Tim Massucco
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Lesson of the Weekend: Perseverance!

B Team Families-

To start us off, WOW! What an awesome job our athletes did persevering on a very challenging Killington course! Conditions were rock solid in New England this weekend from the downpour of rain everyone got Thursday night and Killington did a great job getting the course up and running for all the bumpers this weekend, kudos to Killington! Our athletes experienced a steeper than normal B-course as well as the ice which caused us to take some tough crashes and deviations from our lines. But as challenging as it was, we took away some great feedback and areas we need to really start to focus on as we press forward into the back-half of our season. Our landing to mogul-line transitions need some cleaning-up, our edge control needs some fine tuning, and our overall stance and posture is always a work in progress. That being said, the positive attitude, support and good sportsmanship for our teammates and other mountains is incredible, as well as all our athlete’s ability to still smile and have fun out there, which is what it’s all about! And now for some results: breaking into the top-10 overall Saturday on the ladies side; Manuella Passaretta in 6th, Ava Chiappinnelli in 8th, and Lexi Kruger in 10th! On the boys side, Finn O’Hanlon in held it down with a 6thplace finish. Great Job! Sunday was a better day for our Stratton skiers overall, with a little bit warmer temps, some snow came down, and a more confident day of skiing overall. Top 10-overall ladies on Sunday were: Maddie Stevenson in 5th, Manuella Passaretta in 6th, and Ava Chiappinelli in 9th. On the boy’s side, we had Luke Kesh-Heil in 8th, and Cosmo Shapiro in 9th. Great job everyone!!!

While some athletes will be hitting the road to Whiteface this weekend, others will look forward to a weekend of training at home as well as some pretty sweet spectating of the NOR-AM event that will take place right in our own backyard! We will be working on our entrance into jumps on Detour and practicing punching our hands out on our landings. We will also be working on our hand positioning through the moguls as well over on Bee Line. But don’t worry we will be taking some breaks from training to head over to World Cup to see the NOR-AM competition in full swing as well! Get excited!!!

For those going to Whiteface the schedule for Saturday and Sunday is as followed:

7:30- Registration

8:00- Group Stretch

8:30- Lift opens

8:50- Course inspection

9:00- Training

10:30- Forerunner

10:35- Competition Starts

Official Schedule can be found on Eastern Freestyle along with training information for those interested on Friday.




Quick Note- Registration for Sugarbush opens tonight at 6:00 P.M!!!



I will see those who will not be competing at Whiteface at Stratton this weekend and good luck to those in Lake Placid this weekend!!



Sam Johnston and Christen Cevoli


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